On the Infinite Value of a Real Live Social Network

I feel it fiercely now. You do too.

On the Infinite Value of a Real Live Social Network
Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash

I used to think I didn’t know what I wanted.

But as it turns out, I do.

I want to curl into a bean bag opposite a real human being and talk for three hours while my phone is locked away in a dark cupboard.

I want to drive down to the beach with people I love and take only a mental photograph.

I want to post no further status updates — just long, handwritten letters smudged with melted cheese.

I want to stay up long past midnight laughing at nothing — and everything — with my sisters.

I want to travel across the world so that I can envelope my Dad in a proper hug.

I want to banter with schoolmates I haven’t seen in a decade at one of their weddings — and make a complete fool of myself while dancing.

I want to gather with strangers around a bonfire on a balmy summer night and never utter the words ‘career’, ‘options’ and ‘potential’.

I want to figure out, all over again, how to make actual friends.

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