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Give your kids something new and exciting to learn over the holidays! Easter, the summer holidays and half-term breaks are a great time for children to engage with ideas and subjects they may not get the opportunity to learn about in school.

Check out these short online summer group courses:

Money Basics

For more on this course, please visit this link where you can also sign up for a free introductory lesson!

Creative Writing

The creative writing course is meant to give students a chance to let their imagination take them to new and exciting places  we go through the arc of a story, creating believable characters and discussing lots of ideas to improve the quality of their writing. They’ll be given lots of prompts and fun little challenges to stimulate their imagination.

We also explore how ‘good’ writing (if we can even call it that) can take many different forms – there definitely isn’t one way to do things and that’s a bit part of the beauty of creative writing.

I adapt the course and build it around the students’ interests, so there’s the possibility of working on short stories, poems, plays and more based on what they enjoy. One of the main aims is to boost students love and enjoyment of creative writing, so it helps to take it where they want to go!

Spanish for Beginners

I grew up in Spain and am bilingual in English and Spanish. I’ve taught Spanish up to GCSE level for a decade and love equipping students with a new skill that can help them grow in confidence and make new friends!

This course will give students a foundation in key Spanish vocabulary and help them begin to have real-life conversations. Learning a new language is great for the brain and is an exciting way to spend part of the summer.

The Money Basics course for children and teenagers is a Money 101 course. It’s a chance for them to learn fundamental money concepts, for example, types of bank accounts, how to spend and save more carefully, how credit cards work and how to budget.
Having authored two books and written several articles, I deeply enjoy sharing what I’ve learnt with students. Writing crisply and concisely is a skill that will help boost their communication skills – this is a vital skill!
As a native Spanish speaker who grew up in Spain, I have over 8 years of experience teaching Spanish at all levels. Learning a new language is helpful for the brain, can boost young people’s confidence and is plenty of fun!

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