I’m Roshan Daryanani, a tutor and writer.

I’m on a mission to answer the question “But Miss, why do we need to learn this?!”. One of my goals is to transform the way students learn and help them become curious, self-motivated and resilient learners. My other equally important goal is to help them have fun along the way. 

I grew up in the beautiful, sunny island of Tenerife, surrounded by a loud, tight-knit family with a unique sense of humour and an enduring love for good food. In 2008 I moved to the UK and made London my home. Since then, I’ve gathered plentiful experience in the field of education (working in teaching, assessment and recruiting). I also love creating, whether this is through writing books, designing infographics or crafting engaging resources for my students.

True to my roots, I’m convinced that most problems in life can be resolved by a good meal and a belly laugh with people I care about. Oh, and also by anything with chocolate in it. For, like anyone browsing a website in a hurry, I accept all cookies. 🙂

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